Design Modifications:

The O-38 underwent a number of designs modifications. Beyond adaptations of the rig the hull was modified (dates under investigation).

1. The initial offer was on two versions (one straight, one negative transom) whereby the hull was extended by laminating the negative transom to the hull with the straight transom. This was changed around 1973 when the negative transom was cut off from the straight transom which resulted din a shorter hull and the aft deck was sacrificed.
2. A deck modified lay-out with a shortened cabin was offered (allegedly for a British owner) of which SUNBEAM could be an example of.
3. A version " was drawn in 1973 with a yawl rig, a somewhat shortened cockpit and a saprate aft cabin, however it is unknown of any of these boats actually have been built.
4. The Tufglas 38 (date unknown) followed with fewer stringers and a cast iron ballast which resulted in a loss of the tanks in the deep hull.


Peter Graves is the owner of Sunbeam. I made a surprise visit when Sunbeam was on the grid for bottom washing so the boat was not at her tidiest but he kindly let me take the photos and to post on the Ohlson 38 site. Sunbeam is some thirty years old.
Peter completed Sunbeam from the barest hull. He installed all the ballast, gear and as you can see the deck and interior. He chose to extend, from the mast, the coachroof aft to have a larger interior and smaller cockpit. The wheel steering is directly over the rudder shaft. I think his choice of smaller cockpit, larger interior is very sensible for cruising. The gunwale is raised higher for a better foot rest and slightly higher freeboard. You can see his watch bench seat on the pushpit. It also serves as a fender board when rafting up.

The interior is very finely built in mahogany-finished iroko. The engine is installed further forward than in most Ohlson 38s with the standard large cockpit. The engine box makes a good watch position.
Peter has cruised Sunbeam from Ipswich area to circumnavigate the UK and cruises include Sweden and Bordeaux France.
Thanks to Peter for his courtesy.

Notes by carolus

Photos courtesy of owner

Sunbeam1 Sunbeam2 Sunbeam6Sunbeam7 Sunbeam8Sunbeam9 Sunbeam11 Sunbeam12


has a modified coach design. She was built by Robertsons of Woodbridge in 1970 and sails from Falmouth/UK


Photo Courtesy of owner