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The O-38: the perfect cruising boat, sailing comfortably, good looking and a fast racer. This page is for the Ohlson 38 enthusiasts, be these owners, previous or future, or those who just love these good looking boats.

Some 130 boats have been built by various yards and most of them are in good service. Current owners are invited to share their boat's details via the contact document. Over time some 70 boats have been collected this way. A summarized list of boats is available.

Most recent:
In its March issue on the Ohlson 8:8, German sailing magazine Segeln describes the Ohlson 38 as the „timeless-elegant sloop which is reckoned as one of the most beautiful yachts of the 20th century“.

TYNAJE (US2222):


After more than 40 years of truly 'sterling' service to the Ross' family and a joy as well as a strong contender to the sailing community on the US East Coast, the family has announced that TYNAJE will move on to a - still unrevealed - new owner.

As much as we know the new owner is nobody unknown to the Ross family nor the sailing community as he also is a true Ohlson 38 veteran. Who else would be suited any better to keep up with TYNAJE's outstanding racing track record. We wish the new owner success.

TYNAJE will undergo her winter maintenance through the hands of much-experienced Pete Ross at his yard in RI before being handed-over to her new owner in spring.

The Ohlson 38 owners worldwide owe a lot to Peter Ross and his family, who over generations have helped to build the strong track record of these boats. We wish Peter and his family well and we will miss their contributions to the Ohlson 38 community of owners.

Photos: Courtesy of Mr. Russel Goldsmith (above) and Pete Ross (below)